What We Do

We are bunch of smart creatives, with gained experience in software engineering and development, web design and product branding, that want to empower customers to build the software solutions and products of tomorrow.

Our culture revolves around researching the latest technologies, Strategy and methodologies, engineering successful development processes and audaciously dazzling with eye candy.

We work with businesses to strategize & implement digital initiatives that achieve lasting financial success. Whether you're looking to develop new software products, automate outdated processes, or revamp your digital presence - our unique value is the ability to use innovative thinking to drive tangible change.

Product design

Build the product you need with an experienced UX/UI team that uses a clear and effective design process.

Architecture & Roadmapping

We design fluid architectural principals that enable different parts of a organization to adopt them based on their digital maturity.

Process design

Tailored workflow for both business and development team, For faster development of the product and cost effective.

Software development

We leverage an approach that balances best-in-breed software development practices with effectively managing IT costs.

How We Do

At Eitan Software Labs we strive to tailor strategic processes
that allow for the building of impactful software solutions.

Strategy & Ideation

Planning to disrupt your market with a new product or an innovated service, but not sure where to start and which strategies to use? Our strategists will help you define what success looks like for your business and how to get there.

The best software has a great back-end as well as a great front-end. We've got the tools and expertise to help you create an intuitive and engaging user experience that your customers will love and your competitors will envy.

Our innovative digital product consulting team helps you create a roadmap based on customer needs and pain points to help create real value for your product.

Experience Design

We can help bridge the gaps between people and technology by creating user-centric experiences that are delightful and simple to use. You’ll save time and money through rapid prototyping and validation, making sure you’re meeting the needs of users before development even begins.

Eitan Software Labs draws its knowledge from a broad range of disciplines bound together by design thinking. Across the range of research, ideation, product & customer strategy, service design, and user experience implementation, we apply science alongside art to create digital products and services that are repeatable, testable, measurable, and memorable.

Quality Engineering & Assurance

At Eitan Software Labs, we create digitally engineered solutions for today’s software-driven business. Our best-in-class technical talent work to develop tailored digital products with quality and speed. No matter the challenges your organization is facing, our digital development teams have the expertise and experience to overcome them.

We work with you to deliver continuous quality feedback at every stage of development to create a testing approach that best meets your quality goals.

Industries We've Served

From agile enterprises to visionary startups, We help service-based
businesses own disruption by harnessing the power of digital innovation.
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Retail & e-Commerce
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Publishing
  • Service Management
  • Financial Services Solutions
  • Farming
  • Startup Solutions

Transportation and Logistics

With decentralized supply chain models and tighter trading partner collaboration, there is strong demand for integrated transportation and logistics operations. Our approach is to go beyond the immediate financial challenges in the transportation and logistics market – the approach is to deliver solutions that are durable and flexible to support additional stocking locations, smaller order sizes, and increased costs for basic transportation and logistics services.
Warehouse management module offer cost savings in labor and inventory space, while offering improving the accuracy of operations, orders, and audits. Transportation management systems improve efficiencies with carrier management.

Retail & e-Commerce

Software Quality is imperative for a Retailer’s success. Being leaders in Independent software services, We bring in “the unbiased” quality engineering approach, “custom-built” retail frameworks & solutions, and a “dream team” with strong domain expertise delivering value to its clients. From aligning the right strategy to the right implementation of the software development approach, Our proven successes and domain expertise in Retail & e-Commerce field enable multi-channel Retailers to transform their businesses through a results-driven approach with Quality Optimisation.
New Generation Retail has undergone a dramatic transformation, thanks to the evolving user behaviour making it imperative for retailers to adopt innovation in technology and operations, while ensuring a superior user experience and being ultra-fast in going to market. This has changed the way IT applications and technology for retail industry are not just perceived but developed, supported, and run. We assist retailers (individual as well as large chain retail) in assuring quality across their enterprise applications, While minimising the costs and risks. Our end-to-end development processes for retail industry help you in supporting your initiatives of enterprise re-platform/upgrade/migration/set-up of complex integration between latest CRM, OMS, WMS, Cloud, Mobile, and Web Applications.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry faces a host of challenges. Fluctuations in currencies and commodity prices, increased global competition and escalating customer expectations place enormous demands on quality and safety processes and standards.
We offer variety of manufacturing industry solutions designed to help your business improve efficiencies and enhance responsiveness with customers, partners and suppliers while controlling IT costs.
We also offer comprehensive SOA (service oriented architecture) solutions to provide your manufacturing operations with complete, end-to-end integration between existing assets and emerging technologies in an open source environment that eliminates costly licensing fees, adapts easily to future needs and delivers an attractive ROI.


Magazine apps have revolutionised the way people consume media and almost everyone is using a tablet or smartphone. It's a great new era for publishers who now reach a global market without the costs and limitations of print. We build and deploy your own branded magazine app for all major platforms. You simply provide the branding, and we do the rest. Within a couple of weeks your magazine app will be available on app stores and you'll start to reap the rewards. Already have an app? More and more publishers are migrating their app to our platform to enjoy reduced workflows, more app features and significantly reduce costs.

Service Management

For all kinds of businesses and firms, Service management system plays a key role in the performing tasks and it’s punctual delivery to the clients. While a majority of the contemporaries uses service management tools; We research and curates a list of best features and make our software best among management software available in the market. The automation of such a complex and crucial task helps to plan, organise, manage resources tools and generate resource estimates. With the help of service control software, one can monitor tasks and projects, manage customer relations, supervise inventory, build documentation or administrative work, resource allocations, and much more business operations for efficient and simpler conduction of the tasks.

Financial Services Solutions

With increasing regulatory pressures, global competition, customer demand for more innovative services, and emerging technologies, the financial sector faces unique challenges.
We offer financial services solutions, custom designed to ensure that your business delivers optimal efficiency and value by providing functionality aimed at key requirements of banking and financial market organisations. We focus on providing process-driven software application and database development solutions aligned to deliver optimal efficiencies and cost savings across your entire enterprise. Our financial services solutions include custom-designed retail, cash management, accounts receivable and accounts payable, asset management, risk and business analysis and banking software applications and insurance industry solutions.
We adhere to the Agile Software Developer methodology in which we allocate resources and personnel who possess the unique experience and qualifications to address the exact needs of your development project.


We offer custom solutions for farming, which can efficiently fill the gaps between farmers, food, processing and supply chain management to increase profits. In this era of IT, IoT there is high demand for specialised solutions to meet the needs of the ever-increasing farming industry.
Our highly skilled experts, design and develop custom solutions for farming operations. We at Eitan Software Labs develop custom agriculture software solutions to enhance a business's capabilities.
Our software ensures that you get right software that can work as an expert and optimise the business performance. Our highly talented pool of consultants, big data analysts, designers, and developers with the right set of skills and expertise to develop custom solutions for your farming needs and requirements. No matter whether you need a solution for web, mobile or cloud, or need to infuse artificial intelligence (AI) or internet of things (IoT) compatibilities to make your solutions future ready and you can gain complete control of all your farming activities from a single point

Startup Solutions

We know you want to get it right the first time. We understand tight turnarounds and lean practices. Our team is trained to deliver projects on-schedule and on-budget.
Being bootstrapped company ourself, we love Startups for their passion and drive towards building innovative products to solve real world problems.
As a startup outsourcing company, we have a long history of working and catering startup IT services as tech partners with several tech startups transition from an idea through funding to a successful product. With our unique agile delivery approach, tech talent and outsourced product/software development for startups experience, we have launched many products for startups and have done software development for start companies!

Our Clients Think Big!

They are people and organisations with ambitious missions. They want to unleash
the power of software for their cause or business. We help them envisage, design and deliver.
Here are some recent clients we've worked with.

Recent projects

Our mission is to help you achieve your business goals and digital transformation faster,
So that you can win new marketplaces, get more customers, and move forward.

What Customer Says

Exceptional business experience as well as app development expertise,
Ensuring your app will effectively target and meet your business goals.

Let’s Work Together.

Rise against mediocrity and build customer-centric software
that drives enterprise value.